First Edition Memoirs

Coin collecting across the years…

Here are the finished book and decorative case of my latest storytelling client. The book cover is shown here (with author name blurred for privacy); as usual, my printer, North Carolina’s Lulu Press, did a terrific job.

As for the case, since the client’s grandparents had a coin box he used to love to explore when he was small, I found a vintage jewelry box at a flea market, cleaned it and polished the fittings, replaced the worn lining with a photograph of his hometown, then filled the tray with coins from many countries. And since the box still had a working lock with key (not easy to find that…people tend to lose those tiny keys!), I attached the key to an Army-themed key chain with the client’s official Army photo in it, to commemorate his military service.

Now, when his grandchildren come over, they’ll have a coin box to look through too. And when they’re older, they’ll be able to read the story of their Granddaddy’s life!