“One of the best things I have done for my family is collaborating with Sarah Jane to create a memoir of my life. She interviewed me and all I had to do was answer her questions, and voilà, it looks like I wrote an autobiography. My family loved the end product!”

“Just took a closer look at the memoir. What an outstanding job you did with it. I’m so impressed with the total work, and I know my wife and children will treasure their copies come the holidays. Thanks again!”

“Not only did Sarah Jane do a great job helping me complete my memoir and retouching my photos for inclusion, she sourced photos I didn’t even know were available, like the streetcar I rode to school as a child and an ad for the exact make and model of my first bicycle. She used these to decorate a presentation case for the book and even attached a ’40s-era steel skate key, just like the ones I tightened my beloved skates with as a kid in Chicago, as the case’s handle. Sarah Jane even made a bookmark with a vintage postcard from the little Kalamazoo coffee shop where my wife and I had our first date fifty years ago. She truly went above and beyond to create something very special for me and my family.”

“I contacted Sarah Jane last year in order to assist me in writing my memoir. The book has exceeded my expectations and many people have commented how professional and entertaining the read is. Sarah Jane was very easy to work with and great at prompting conversation to assist me in remembering my past history. She also added to my story with extra research to back me up. In addition to the editing, her book cover design was excellent, and she presented me my copy in a unique showcase very fitting to my story. I can thoroughly recommend her to anyone who has a story to pass on to family.”

“I was given the privilege of having Sarah Jane Herbener write a biography of my life. Having never experienced anything like this before, I was totally surprised at how easy she made it to tell my story. Her technique of interviews, all done at my convenience and in my own home, made the journey a wonderful experience. She organized my ramblings into a perfectly set forth story of my life as if I’d written it myself. I have recommended Sarah Jane to others who had her do their life story and she did so to their delight. The little things she does to really personalize the final product show how much she really enjoys her work. I can honestly say if you want to preserve your life story for your family and/or friends, First Edition Memoirs is the way to go.”