Some of our happiest times are those spent with family or friends, telling stories from our lives. Even tales we’ve heard before become treasures as they’re told again and again, until just a few words (“Remember that time with Uncle Bill and the Buick?”) are enough to bring the story to mind.

So often, loved ones pass away and leave behind heirlooms or photographs, but within a generation, the stories behind those pictures are lost. Personal history is a way to preserve our stories – for ourselves, for our children and grandchildren, and for generations to come.

As a personal historian, I use audiotaped interviews, letters and photographs, and historical research to gather the story you want to tell – the story of a person, a marriage, a family, a career, even a company or organization. I then write your story, usually in the first person, incorporating all these materials, taking care to preserve your words and your unique voice. The finished memoir is printed and bound to your specifications and preserved digitally as well.

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