Personal histories are generally priced and quoted as a whole project. I meet with potential clients free of charge, to get a firm idea of the scope of the project and estimate how much work time will be involved, and then I quote a project price, which is due in installments during the memoir process. Details can be customized to the client as needed, but this PDF describes general pricing:

Memoir Packages

Smaller projects such as baby books, legacy letters, wedding programs, obituaries, and the like are priced on an individual basis.

A 10% total project discount is offered for clients participating in the Library of Congress’s Veterans’ History Project. Read more about the VHP here:

When reviewing prices, keep in mind that the writing of a personal history involves anywhere from 10 to 12 hours’ interview time for a individual history to 40-50 hours for an organization such as a company or church, and for every hour of interview time, a personal historian spends four or more hours transcribing, researching, scanning and restoring photographs and letters, and organizing and writing the finished memoir. The client’s investment reflects this level of dedication to what will become a historical document and a treasured heirloom for future generations.

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