Jim works in sales and marketing. He’s the youngest of the clients featured here and is a good example of someone telling his life story “so far” to make sure it’s preserved for his children and grandchildren. A client can always add material to his history later, but a memoir delayed too long can mean a story lost forever.

Jim’s personal history process was conducted through the traditional method of audio interviews augmented by historical research. He’s generously allowed me to include a few excerpts from his memoir here. Here’s a section about his boyhood home:

Boyhood – Madison

And here’s the section about Jim’s wine collecting hobby. Underneath the finished chapter, I’ve included the raw transcript of our audio interview, to show how the transcript becomes the finished product. A few details of the finished chapter come from other parts of our interviews, but most of it is drawn from the section shown.

Wine Collecting
Wine Collecting (raw transcript)